How Training Student Leaders Helps Deans and Advisors

September 6, 2019
Story by Jordan Baker

Every day, deans of students and advisors play an important role in the growth and development of student leaders.

Student affairs professionals are tasked with multiple responsibilities and are expected to manage the complex day-to-day operations of a student affairs division in the challenging and changing environment of American higher education.

The work of student affairs professionals involves a continuous process of training, educating, and supporting students. That is why students’ relationships with student leaders matter.

According to our Student Voice Index report, relationships with institutional leaders matter for student leaders, especially with chief student affairs officers. We discovered student leaders who met regularly with the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA) feel they have a stronger voice than those who meet less frequently.


Students’ sense of meeting effectiveness and satisfaction with the frequency and outcome of meetings all significantly impact voice. Student affairs professionals who meet frequently with student leaders are able to quickly learn where they can offer support, often teaching students new leadership methods in the process.

At the National Campus Leadership Council (NCLC), we’re helping deans spend less time managing the details of student government and more time in oversight.

We’ll administer valuable leadership training that prepares students for their campus and future success with CampusCon 2019. For a one-time fee, NCLC is offering a variety of ways student groups and advisors can receive high-quality training for their leadership needs. Let us jump-start your students’ leadership needs so that they are able to navigate the overwhelming and worthwhile experience as a student leader.

Visit our Eventbrite page for CampusCon Central to secure regular registration tickets for three students. Select “small group” and enter your students’ information.

We are still offering special day passes for advisors and students. For only $50, students and advisors are welcomed to attend the welcome reception with a Friday Day Pass. Saturday Day Passes include three meals and access to all of our courses and speakers for $200. Sunday Day Passes include two meals and access to all of our courses and keynote speaker for $100. You can find our day passes on the ticket registration page for central.

We hope to see you on tour!

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© 2019 National Campus Leadership Council

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