What Makes NCLC's CampusCon Unique

September 9, 2019
Story by Jordan Baker
At NCLC, our mission is to cultivate, strengthen, and advance student leadership in higher education. And this year, we are strengthening student leadership with CampusCon 2019. The Campus Impact Conference (CampusCon) is a way for student leaders and advisors from around the country to share ideas, identify best practices, and develop critical leadership skills. The program builds an influential community of student leaders equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle the biggest challenges facing today’s students. Still interested in learning more about the conference and what sets us apart? Here are four things that make the conference unique.

Great speakers!

NCLC is proud to announce new speakers for CampusCon 2019 and we have two familiar faces joining us this year!
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College Code Founder Chelsea Williams will serve as one of our keynote speakers. Chelsea has facilitated and consulted for dozens of organizations cross-industry and sector as far as Sydney, Australia. She is also a National Career Coach and Contributor with The Muse and a Senior Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at Jennifer Brown Consulting. She has facilitated and consulted for dozens of organizations cross-industry and sector as far as Sydney, Australia. At CampusCon, she will speak how student leaders and advisors can create change and voice together. Join Chelsea for a special keynote event as she speaks on ways student groups and advisors can build shared voice and values at the campus level. You’ll get a chance to learn how to combine your personal leadership development skills and current role to effect change on campus and in the community.
We are also welcoming back JonRobert Tartaglione, founder and CEO of Influence 51. As a psychologist and behavioral scientist, JonRobert partners with some of the world’s most powerful organizations to help them better understand how to influence attitudes, decisions, and behaviors These thought leaders will help students learn new strategies on influencing attitudes, decisions, and collaboration skills to influence the behaviors of both classmates and administration as a student organization.

We prioritize students  

From launching the It’s On Us campaign with the Obama White House to leading major national college affordability initiatives, we stay connected with key decision-makers at the local, state, and federal level in order to open the doors for students to succeed. NCLC prioritizes substantive programming at the student leadership level. We believe today’s students face enormous challenges, yet students are rarely heard when decisions are being made. We provide ample opportunity for students to make their voices heard on issues pertaining to higher education policy, individual campus circumstances and personal goal-setting throughout the conference.

Group training at its finest

Relationships with institutional leaders matter, particularly with the chief student affairs officer. That is why we are bringing student leaders and student affairs professionals together for personalized group training sessions at this year’s CampusCon event. Attendees will have access to new leadership resources that meet the needs of both audiences during the conference and well after. NCLC serves as a resource for students throughout the year free of charge — there are no membership fees to stay connected with the network of students you meet! We’ve designed sessions that provide your team with new knowledge, skills, resources, and connections that you need in order to advocate for and make the changes you want to see on your campus. Register for CampusCon Central by visiting our event website at www.campuscon.org.

About NCLC

Since our launch in 2012, we have empowered and quickly trained thousands of student body leaders at more than 500 colleges and universities around the country to develop skills necessary to collaborate effectively with administrators, other student leaders and the students they represent.  To learn more about us visit www.campusleaders.org

We are the only US-based Non-Profit Organization dedicated exclusively to training and empowering SGA Presidents and Senior Leaders!

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© 2019 National Campus Leadership Council

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