What Tools Do SGA Presidents Need to Lead Effectively?

September 4, 2019
Story by Jordan Baker
Only 43.4% of SGA presidents report receiving training from the institution in preparation for their role, according to our Student Voice Index report.

Training is a way to prepare students for successful engagement with peers and the governing board, yet less than half receive training and only 22.0% of SGA presidents report receiving training for their position on the governing board.

In order to lead effectively, SGA presidents must have tactical tools designed to elevate their voices and input in the shared governance in higher education. Here are the tools every student leader should have during their term.




Student governments need to successfully exchange of information, ideas, and views within and outside the organization. We teach students practical skills and techniques to make communicating with others more effectively. Through our personalized training, students are able to identify the variety of ways in which we communicate, improve their listening skills, and develop realistic skills to improve communication with their staff, peers, and administrators. Student affairs professionals are also able to learn new ways for listening to student feedback, concerns, requests for meetings, and other outreach is critical to student engagement, no matter their formal role.

SGA presidents need to learn how to think strategically and tactically in order to empower other student leaders and support their efforts and goals, coordinate diverse groups of students, oversee and steward budgets, represent students in collaborative conversations with administrators and manage multiple student events.


NCLC works closely with major higher education stakeholders in the public and private sectors to develop unparalleled resources and programs that support and elevate students’ success on a wide range of issues including college affordability, campus sexual assault, mental health, diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, and campus to career transitions.

One of the ways we share this information is our Daily Campus Brief! It’s a quick rundown of the news and resources vital to today’s student leadership compiled by NCLC co-founder and executive director Andy MacCracken.



Training provides student leaders with the knowledge to lead their campus and participate as full members of or representatives to the governing board. That is why NCLC provides this training throughout the academic year. Regular program highlights include our annual Presidential Leadership Summit (PLS), our Campus Impact Conference (CampusCon), regional summits and roundtables focused on student success, and numerous events.

At CampusCon 2019, we’ll provide them and their entire SGA team with the tools to be successful for the school year. Visit our Eventbrite page for Ca CampusCon Central to secure regular registration tickets for three students. Select “small group” and enter your students’ information. If your student leaders are unable to attend for the entire weekend, sign up for our day passes!

For only $50, students and advisors are welcomed to attend the welcome reception for the Friday Day Pass. Saturday Day Passes include three meals and access to all of our courses and speakers for $200. Sunday Day Passes include two meals and access to all of our courses and keynote speaker for $100. You can find our day passes in the ticket registrations pages of central.

Register today! To learn more, visit campuscon.org.

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