Our statement on the Department of Education's proposed Title IX regulations

November 16, 2018
Story by Jordan Baker

In response to the Department of Education’s proposed Title IX regulations, Andy MacCracken, Executive Director of the National Campus Leadership Council, said:

“I am deeply disappointed with the content and timing of the proposed Title IX regulations. Student government leaders nationwide recognize the importance of Title IX as a student-centered anti-discrimination law. Student leaders broadly supported OCR guidelines in place from 2011-2017, because those policies promoted an equitable process that afforded due process to both parties equally while providing institutions the tools to more comprehensively and successfully support survivors and curb sexual assault.”

“The rules proposed today represent a big step away from those standards, limiting institutions’ responsibilities to address campus sexual assault and opening the door to widely disparate standards and practices. While these are important issues to consider, the rationale of the more concerning changes stems from k-12 cases with questionable applicability to higher education.”

“We must allow sufficient time for campus communities to understand how these significant changes will impact students. The timing of the NPRM makes that nearly impossible. The 60-day comment period overlaps with high-stress exams and major holidays. It is absolutely vital that students be heard, but the timing will certainly chill student voice in this process.”

“I strongly urge Secretary DeVos to extend the comment period to 90 days and hold field hearings on college campuses. NCLC is committed to ensuring student voices are heard through this process. Regardless of the outcomes, student leaders know that Title IX matters and will continue to pressure higher education to center policy around student needs.”


Update: NCLC will hold a call on Monday, November 19, at 6:00 pm ET to discuss the substance of the rules and tips for writing good comments/feedback for the Department to consider. RSVP here to join!


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