NCLC welcomes Ernest Ezeugo

March 21, 2019
Story by Jordan Baker

The National Campus Leadership Council is excited to welcome Ernest Ezeugo as the new Policy Director, leading the organization’s policy advocacy efforts, analysis, and training.

In his new role, Ernest will foster the growth of NCLC’s new Policy Alliance initiative, a project that will build infrastructure to elevate student voice in federal advocacy, and develop an overall student policy platform for the organization.

Ernest is a former student body president at the University of Oklahoma. During his 2013-14 term, he helped marshal volunteers and university resources to assist in clean-up efforts following the severe weather events in Moore, Oklahoma during the summer of 2013. He also successfully petitioned for changes in the Board of Regents policy that helped introduce $1.5 million in additional scholarships.

Prior to NCLC, he was a Program Associate with the Education Policy program at New America. During his time with New America, he conducted original research, provided content expertise at conferences and in response to inquiries from Congressional officers and their staffers, and worked with colleagues to develop an engagement strategy that put New America’s work in the right hands. He also co-managed the Varying Degrees survey project, tracking the public opinion on higher education in America.

Ernest’s passion for policy and student voice was influenced by his student leader role at the University of Oklahoma and previous internship position with the U.S. Department of Education, later transitioning to a full-time role with the Office of Educational Technology. He helped lead the “Go Open” project on openly-licensed educational resources (OER) as part of former President Obama’s ConnectED initiative, where he created the Go Open School District network, convening school leaders from 25 districts to support each other’s use of OER in the classroom.

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